Famiglia Rivetti

The Rivetti family has been in the wine business for five generations. In the 1960s, 70s, and 80s they were selling grapes and juice to other wineries. By working with some of the most prestigious wineries in the area, the family learned extensively about quality grape growing and winemaking. In 2000, they decided to start making their own wines and in 2001, produced their first vintage. Now, the winery is run by Massimo, his wife and the three sons. ​Famiglia Rivetti is the creative expression of his three sons, led by Davide Rivetti. He is committed to balancing tradition with modernity.


Our Wines


Famiglia Rivetti Barbaresco DOCG is made in the traditional style that follows the Piedmontese philosophy of aging in large barrels of Slavonian oak where it rests for eighteen months developing a soft tannin and elegant body. After we age it in oak, we allow it to age an additional 6 months in bottles resulting in a dry, smooth red wine with lovely silky tannins and great texture.


Famiglia Rivetti Barolo DOCG embodies all the beauty and strength of the Piedmontese philosophy in this traditional wine. It is aged in large barrels of Slavonian oak where it rests for twenty-four months, developing significant tannins and a full body.

Famiglia Rivetti Nebbiolo


Famiglia Rivetti Langhe Nebbiolo DOC is made with 100% Nebbiolo grapes from one of the highest fields in the area at more than 500 meters above sea level. Aged for one year in Slavonian oak to produce an excellent Nebbiolo with simple tannins and an elegant finish.

Famiglia Rivetti Arneis


Our Famiglia Rivetti Langhe Arneis DOC is harvested during the coolest hours of the day and with the use of dry ice and cryo-maceration to preserve and extract the grape characteristics, it results in a fresh, fragrant wine with excellent minerality.



Famiglia Rivetti Winery–with its 62 acres of vineyards cultivated under the EU organic certification–grows both traditional and international grapes. Over twenty different herbs are planted to grow with the vines to avoid any pesticide use. Natural fermentation with indigenous yeasts is used to represent the varietal and terroir. The flavor of the grapes is preserved through minimal use of sulfites and no filtration on the red wines.


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